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Myths about Tuberculosis and how to bust them.


Two billion people – one fourth of the world's population – are infected with the Tuberculosis bacteria, with more than 10 million becoming ill with active TB disease each year. In 2020, it is anticipated that TB will rank as the second leading cause of death from a single infectious agent, after COVID-19 .Worldwide, an estimated 9.9 million people fell ill with TB in 2020.

There are many factors which contribute to the widespread infection of tuberculosis but one of the major and unidentified factor is the myth and stigma associated with tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is still considered to be a hereditary disease by people ignoring the fact that tuberculosis infection has no relation with genetics.There is also a popular notion that traditional treatment systems and home remedies are better and people easily trust home remedies rather than medication.TB is due to past sins and women are being more prone to it are other myths. Smoking and drinking alcoho l regularly are also believed to be the causes of TB is generally believed by people .

The notion that only poor people seem to be affected by the disease is also observed among people. Some people believe that once they are cured of TB, they will not develop it and they don't understand the need of complete treatment. The common myth among people is they will always know if they have TB by given symptoms ignoring the fact that the major concern with TB is that it doesn’t manifest in the form of symptoms until the condition has advanced to a severe level. Someone with TB could either depict symptoms like night sweats, constant coughing of blood, loss of measure and will surely help babies from developing any serious is very important to fight with these myths and stigmas.

To fights with these myths and cure TB completely from the society every sector has to work together be it government organisations or non government organisations. WHO launched a programme known as DOTS (Directly observed treatment -short therapy) in which patients are under complete surveillance of a nominated health worker which helps to provide proper care and bust common misconception in patients and their family members about Tuberculosis. GOVT. also appointed some teams which move home to home and teach people basics about s and prevention of this disease by various means like pictures and nukkad nataks. Every school must teach students about precautions and encourage them to make their surroundings aware too. Retail pharmacies also play a considerable role in identifying symptoms of tuberculosis and send patients to hospitals. The most important change we must bring in society is to stop seeing Tuberculosis patients from evil eyes as they feel evicted and feel ashamed of their disease which further manifest the disease and affect their mental health too. Proper treatment and complete eradication needs proper financial support too. Government should understand every life matters and provide proper fundings for every class of people. And at the end any disease can be cured by proper care and strong will.

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