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Staff Meeting

Our Team

Get to know the highly enthusiastic and dedicated members of the International Society for Chronic Illnesses. We belong to different sectors of healthcare and are united in our passion to make a difference and lasting change in the lives of people with chronic conditions. Read on to learn more about our team.

1. Create timeline for JAN-JUN2022 rotation


2. Solve issues and queries for current rotation


3. Help mentors for JAN-JUN2022 rotation get ready to teach

1. Edit the society's website as new programs are introduced


2. Regularly upload blogs and other written materials

1. Enhance communication between members and leaders


2. Attend meetings and take a note of Minutes of the Meet


3. Manage email responses

1. Recruit Campus Ambassadors for the following rotation


2. Organize online events to increase the reach of ISCI

um4ci leadership

1. Create a blueprint for the first rotation of UM4CI


2. Recruit new members for this project

1. Weekly posts related to research and medicine on our different social media handles


2. Organize online events on special occasions

isci content writers

1. Address lacunae in current literature and provide insight into the latest developments in various fields of medicine


2. Write about various events organized by ISCI

1. Give advice on matters related to medical research, health education, and outreach


2. Provide guidance on how to expand as a society

1. Compile information on research ethics from different member nations


2. Assemble a Scientific Review Team for ISCI

1. Manage data related to ISCI members and their activities


2. Keep a check on form submissions


3. Manage email responses

1. Invite professors and high-level researchers to join ISCI as academic heads


2. Invite judges for competitions, chief guests for conferences and other programs organized by ISCI

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