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About UM4CI

Unconventional Methods for Chronic Illnesses (UM4CI) focuses on patient education and advocacy for alternative methods in medicine to enable self-care and home-management in patients with chronic conditions. Through this program, we aim to shift the current trends in chronic illness management towards a patient - centered holistic care.

Unconventional Methods for Chronic Illnesses

Alternative Medicine Supplies

Why UM4CI?

Almost all of us have followed some sort of alternative medicine like Ayurvedic remedies, Homeopathic medicines, or various types of Somatic therapies. From drinking homemade Neem juice to performing Yoga  or even being on a diet, all comprise the various branches of medical or health management. Especially in chronic illnesses, patients usually look for treatment methods complementary to Allopathic management to lower the dosage of their conventional drugs hence, reduce side-effects and increase their effectiveness. Lifestyle management is the first advice physicians give for most chronic conditions but, enumeration of the lifestyle changes and discussion of each step in detail must be practiced. Inculcating theories and research studies from all branches of medicine and creating a cohesive method to improve the quality of life of these patients is the goal of UM4CI.

Who Can Apply?

  • Medical practitioners from all fields of healthcare

  • Students and professors from all fields of healthcare

  • Researchers from all fields of healthcare

  • Pharmacists and Pharmacology researchers

The various fields of healthcare include Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yogasutra, Nutraceuticals, Naturopathy, and others.

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