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  • How do I join?
    To take part in PRMP, you have to become a member of ISCI. Hence, fill the ISCI Membership form followed by PRMP Application form present on the website.
  • Do I have to pay any fees?
    No, as of now, the membership of ISCI is free of cost.
  • How will I get confirmation of membership?
    You'll get confirmation of membership via email.
  • Do I have to travel to another place to take part in this program?
    No, this is a remote mentorship program. Researchers don't need to meet in person.
  • Is mentorship a paid position?
    As of now, no position is a paid one.
  • What would be the duration of this project?
    We have biannual six-months long rotations; One from January to June and the other from July to December.
  • What's the expected time commitment?
    For a systematic review, 6-7 hours/week for mentors and mentees (minimum three months). For observational studies, 6-7 hours/week for mentees (minimum three months) and 3-4 hours/week for mentors.
  • Are the timings flexible?
    Yes, you can schedule the weekly calls and task allotment according to your timeline. However, you must meet the major deadlines provided by National Project Heads.
  • How many individuals will be assigned to a single project?
    Tentatively, 5 members will be assigned for a systematic review and 2-3 members for an observational study (single center).
  • Can two mentors work on a single project?
  • What kind of research projects can we perform?
    Depending on your time availability and expertise, you can perform meta-analysis, systematic review, observational study (cross-sectional, case-control, cohort), short communication (letter to editor, commentary, etc.), case report, and case series.
  • Who will decide the groups?
    National Heads and Project Head will form the groups depending on the topic of interest of researchers mentioned in their PRMP Application form.
  • Who will decide author sequence?
    Author sequence will be decided based on an independent point based system. These points will be given to researchers by independent third party members. Final say will be of National Heads and Project Head.
  • Who will decide the research question?
    Research questions will be decided by mentors and mentees. Mentors will have the final say. Since PRMP is a part of ISCI, the topic should be related to a chronic illness.
  • What happens if I leave a project in between?
    If you've started a project, you must see it through completion otherwise, you won't get authorship for your paper nor certificate for successful completion of the PRMP rotation.
  • Is it compulsory to mentor students after my first rotation as mentee gets over?
    Yes, once you have published a paper and are confident with the research project, you must mentor atleast one research group. You can choose the rotation for mentoring according to your timeline.
  • Who will bear the cost of project and publication?
    As of now, the cost of project and publication will be divided equally amongst mentors and mentees of that project.
  • Will the Ethics Committee of one institution allow sharing of patient data with researchers of another university (or another country)?
    Till we get clear rules and regulations regarding this, we'll try to avoid cross-country sharing of patient data.
  • Where will I be published?
    You can submit your manuscript to any PubMed indexed journal decided by mentors and mentees. Mentors will have the final say.
  • Can we present the paper we've worked on during the PRMP rotation?
    Yes, you can, after taking permission from co-authors.
  • Can I get regular informative sessions which teach me different types of research, statistical analysis, and other parts of research?"
    As of now, you'll get this information from your mentors during your weekly phone calls.
  • I have prepared an article by myself and need guidance for its publication. Can you help me?
    Yes, you can directly contact your National Project Head or Project Head or any mentor regarding this. They'll guide you further.
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