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Online Convention
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ISCI 2nd annual COnference




After two successful research years, with a strong workforce of 1000+ members from around the world, ISCI now aims to achieve the highest level of productivity. This year, we hope to equip all ISCI members with the tools needed to achieve their professional as well as personal goals.

Day 1

May 27, 2023 - Saturday
8 pm - 11 pm IST

Workshop on Mindful Eating by Dt. Jagriti Bhambri

Workshop on How to present yourself and make connections by Dr. Sneh Sonaiya

Panel discussion on time management and avoiding a burnout with Dr. Avanthika Chaithanya, Dr. Yash Shah, Dr. Duha Shellah, and Dr. Raj Shah.


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Panel Discussion

Dr. avanthika chaithanya

Dr. Avanthika Chaithanya is an Incoming Pediatric PGY1 at Icahn School of Medicine. She Co-founded 'The Otto Research Initiative' and is the founder  of the Safe Space Helpline for Children.


Panel Discussion

Dr. Duha Shellah

Dr. Duha Shellah is a junior medical doctor and journalist, Science Communication & Journalism Consultant and Research Activist. Dr. Duha is founder & CEO of The Researchist Community.

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dr. sneh sonaiya

Dr. Sonaiya is a Tedx speaker and researcher at the Johns Hopkins University. He is an MBA-MPH student at JHU and has been featured in the New York Times for his work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Panel Discussion

dr. yash shah

Dr. Shah is an internal medicine resident physician at Wayne State University and a volunteer at Mayo Clinic. He has taken the initiative to mentor IMGs through his instagram channel: residency_and_beyond.

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Panel Discussion

dr. raj shah

Dr. Shah is an incoming PGY1 at Kansas University - Wichita and is a Research Trainee at Mayo clinic. He has also been involved in the leadership of The Wishing Factory and Dead Poet Society in India.

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dt. jagriti bhambri

With prior experience in Diet Planning, Nutritional Counseling, and Medical nutrition therapy; Ms. Bhambri is working as a nutrition consultant at Healthifyme and has worked at a start-up alongside its founders.

Day 2

May 28, 2023 - Sunday
8.00 pm -10:30 pm IST

Paper presentation competition for selected healthcare trainees conducting research at the Peer Research Mentorship Program of ISCI

Question-Answer round with the judges and the audience

PRMP Awards (Best Mentee, Best Mentor, Best Research Project, Best Research Group) and paper presentation results


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Presentation Judge

dr. arathi shah

Dr. Shah is a Board-certified pediatrician at Texas Children's Hospital and is a Research Scholar at Harvard Medical School. She is the Secretary of International Medical Graduate section of Texas Medical Association.


Abstract Judge

dr. ayush anand

Dr. Anand is an academic editor at the PLOS ONE Journal and the Vice President for Research at Global Consortium of Medical Education and Research. He was awarded The Best Editor 2022 by Global Journal Medical Students.

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Tech Lead

Dr. maria gabriela ycaza

Dr. Ycaza is a clincial research coordinator at Columbia University Irving Medical Center and a research scholar at Harvard Medical School. She is an adjunct faculty at SPSON and is interested in global health and health disparities.

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Abstract Judge

dr. al hasibuzzaman

Dr. Al Hasibuzzaman did his MBBS in Ningbo University and graduated with Honors. He has worked with the Purnota Foundation and is a part of the Bangladesh National Cadet Corps.

Organizing Team.

One of the most versatile group of people have been brought together to form the organizing team for the 2nd ISCI Annual Conference 2022-23. From late night meetings to immediate deadlines, this team has been able to successfully collaborate with global promotional and research partners, connect with experts to join us as speakers and judges, and reach several people who might be benefitted from this conference.

See you at the Conference!

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