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ISCI Annual Conference 2021-22

International Society for Chronic Illnesses organized the First Annual Conference 2021-22 on 2nd and 3rd July, 2022, on behalf of the extremely successful one-year approach towards creating another world for medical research devotees. We, as a global platform for all healthcare professionals, strongly believe that this Annual Meet will transcribe an era of the tremendous emblem of medical unity, fraternity, and chastity.  The mission started in June 2021 with a scintillating aspiration of 60 members, who belonged to two different native soils, and only just one program to care about. Now, we airborne the unexpected flight of dreams that load the unyielding desire of 650+ companions settled in 15 distinct nations working continuously on four active programs. 


On Day 1 of the Conference, we took the initiative to commence the panel discussion on Medical Research Mentorship and forthcoming prospects for expanding the knowledge comprehensively to inform the new peers of the tasks. With this multidisciplinary approach, we framed the strategies for tackling the academic, social and professional challenges that occur in the research field.

Panel Discussion

The Impact of ISCI

Panel Discussion

Our Panelists

Organizing Team

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