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  • Define your audience - healthcare professional or general population.

    • If it is the general population, use language that is easy to understand. Explain complex medical terminology.

  • Once you decide on a topic, identify the problem statement. A problem statement is a short description of an issue you would like to address.

  • Based on the problem statement, come up with a Call for action. This is the solution(s) you would propose to help solve the problem discussed above.

  • Format

    • Word limit: 600-800 words

    • Font design: Times New Roman

    • Font Size: 12

    • Single spacing

    • Submit in .docx (Microsoft Word) format


  • Text material

    • Provide a summary of 50-100 words​ - The summary can not have any new points that aren’t present in the main text.

    • Main text may be divided into introduction, body paragraph 1, body paragraph 2, body paragraph 3, and recommendations for patients or future research (depending on the target audience).

    • Keywords must be included after the summary. These are words that readers would potentially use to search for your article on a search engine. 

    • References must be included at the end of the article.

    • The introduction must set the context for what the article contains.

    • Break the text into smaller, easy-to-read paragraphs.

    • Use catchy, relevant subheadings.

  • Focus mainly on one primary objective throughout the article, ensuring cohesiveness between different paragraphs. It should all tell one story.

  • Feel free to make it entertaining with personal anecdotes!

  • Use bullet points whenever possible to make the matter more concise.

  • Feel free to include images, and diagrams to convey a better message.

  • Encourage readers to leave comments, and engage in conversation at the end of the article.

  • Please record yourself summarizing the article in under one minute. This is to be posted on ISCI’s social media.

    • When you prepare a script for this summary, keep in mind the difference between the language used while writing and speaking to an audience. So feel free to be informal, make the article sound enticing, and have fun!


Infection and immunodeficiency